Jun. 21, 2021

HARRISBURG – With the goal of encouraging further transparency and reliability in Pennsylvania Common Interest Ownership Communities (CIOC), Majority Chairwoman of the House Urban Affairs Committee, Rep. Rosemary Brown (R-Monroe/Pike) will soon be introducing legislation that will address the many issues reflected in the current Title 68 Real and Personal Property Law.

“Over the last several years I have been approached by those who live in CIOCs concerned about the absence of detailed election procedures within their community as well as the lack of resident involvement in bylaw changes,” said Brown. “The legislation that I will be introducing would build a better framework for these communities to conduct their elections, amend bylaws and abide by the Uniform Planned Communities Act while still respecting the balance of state government and private community rights. I believe this bill would take us a step in the right direction as we continue to address these critical discrepancies and protect private community resident's rights.”

Brown’s legislation would accomplish the following:

• Require CIOCs to receive the approval of a majority of their unit owners to amend the community’s bylaws.
• Require unit owners in a community larger than 25 units to provide their ballot to an independent third party for board elections, who will then certify results to the community and all unit owners, as well as require communities larger than 25 units to include some sort of “meet the candidates” opportunity during the board election process for unit owners to meet individuals running for board positions, with equal time provided to each candidate.
• Strongly encourage all CIOC communities currently not under the guidelines provided by Title 68 to vote to come under the statute by making it clear that any violation of Title 68 or the by-laws and declaration of the community would be considered an unfair trade practice and be reported to the Office of Attorney General.

Additional information surrounding this legislation or any legislation introduced by Brown can be found by visiting here.

Representative Rosemary M. Brown
189th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives