2020-21 Budget Hearings: Brown Questions Dept. of State Panel

State Rep. Rosemary Brown spoke at an Appropriations Committee hearing concerning privacy issues during a person's voting process.

Appropriations Committee Questions IFO Panel

State Rep. Rosemary Brown spoke with members of the Independent Fiscal Office at a February 18, 2020 Appropriations Committee meeting.

Brown Reacts to the Governor’s Budget Proposal

PA State Rep. Rosemary Brown responds to the 2020-21 Pennsylvania state budget proposal from Gov. Wolf.

Full House Floor Debate On Brown's HB 37 (1-14-2020)

State Rep. Rosemary Brown and other House members debate her hands-free cell phone legislation, HB 37.

Rep Brown Comments On House Bill 37

Rosemary Brown expresses displeasure that her legislation, House Bill 37 makes hand-held communication devices only a secondary offense.

Rep. Brown's Senior Expo

State Rep. Rosemary Brown offers a view to her recent senior expo that was held in Pike County. Senior expos are held to help seniors be aware of the many programs and services that are available to them on a regular basis.

Dealing with the Crisis Facing PA’s First Responders

Rep. Rosemary Brown details important steps that the PA House of Representatives is taking to help recruit, retain, and respect our Helpers and Heroes the first responders who serve Pennsylvania’s communities.

Rally To Pass HB 629

State Rep. Rosemary Brown plans to introduce legislation that will require health insurers to cover treatment plans for Lyme disease or related tick-borne illnesses as prescribed by a patient’s health care practitioner, regardless if the treatment plan includes short-term or long-term antibiotic treatment.

Rep. Brown Discusses Impact of Tick-Borne Illnesses in PA

Continuing to shed light on the current health crisis caused by Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases in the Commonwealth, Rep. Rosemary Brown (R-Monroe/Pike) along with experts in the field offer additional recommendations about how the state can better combat this crisis.

Rep Brown On Hands Free Driving

State Rep. Rosemary holds a roundtable discussion of House Bill 37, the "hands free" distracted driving bill.