Monthly Column
If your neighborhood or community compiles monthly or quarterly newsletters and would appreciate a column from me to include, please contact my district office in East Stroudsburg at 570-420-8301, or email to be added to our distribution list. At the beginning of each month, I will email a column for use in local newsletters. Below are examples of previous months columns, which are also available for your use, if the topic is timely, or of interest to readers.

January 2017 – Improving the Way the State Handles Issues From With Planned Communities
February 2017 – Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program Applications Now Available
March 2017 – Let’s Do Our Part to Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful
April 2017 – Rural Fire Assistance Grants Available for Area Stations
May 2017 – Raising Lyme Disease Awareness
July 2017 – Plan a Trip to PA Attractions with New ‘Happy Traveler’ Guide
August 2017 – New Bill to Require Health Practitioners to Receive Lyme Disease Continuing Education
September 2017 – Hands-Free Driving Legislation Introduced
October 2017 - Stop and Think Before Connecting to Public Wi-Fi Networks