Brown Renews Call to Action for Hand-Held Cellphone Ban Legislation
HARRISBURG – Rep. Rosemary M. Brown (R-Monroe/Pike) is again calling for action on her legislation to help stop distracted driving accidents related to phone use and fatalities throughout the Commonwealth. 

Brown has reintroduced her hand-held cellphone ban legislation, House Bill 37, which would prohibit drivers from having their phones in their hands while driving their vehicle. Drivers must use Bluetooth technology or a docking station in order use their phones.

“We need laws in place here in the Commonwealth to help curb this potentially deadly habit, which is why I have reintroduced my hand-held cellphone ban legislation,” said Brown. “This bill gives our Legislature a starting point to help protect and save the lives of our fellow Pennsylvanians. Pennsylvania has a road safety problem and we have a reasonable solution supported by law enforcement, House Bill 37, to assist with this problem which can make a difference to save lives.”

More information on this legislation can be found here. 

Brown will also be holding a press conference on Tuesday, April 30, from 10-11 a.m. in the East Wing Rotunda at the Capitol Building to bring awareness to cellphone distracted driving and the terrible impact it is making on our Pennsylvania communities. 

“In light of April being designated as distracted driving awareness month, I wanted to take the time to make sure people understand how dangerous it is to use their phones when driving,” said Brown. “We continue to see many people lose their own lives or lose their loved ones due to this distraction. Enough is enough and we need to change our cellphone-use behavior and this law will support that initiative.”

During the press conference, representatives from AT&T will be present to administer a virtual reality simulation for attendees to experience the dangers of distracted driving. 

Brown added, “The purpose of the simulation is to give attendees the opportunity to not just learn about impacts of distracted driving, but to virtually see and experience this enhanced danger.” 

Representative Rosemary M. Brown
189th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
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