Reminder of PA’s Updated Credit Card Skimming Penalties as Locals Deal with Latest Skimming Scheme=
As many Monroe County residents are aware, recently there was an electronic credit card skimmer that was discovered at a Sunoco gas station terminal in Middle Smithfield Township off of Milford Road as well as several other stations. This is not the first time gas stations have been used as a stomping ground for card skimmers as two individuals were caught back in December trying to install a skimmer in one of the gas terminals. Many in our community, including myself, were victims of this recent financial theft, which is why I would like to offer a reminder of Pennsylvania’s credit card skimming penalties as they were strengthened last session.

Under Act 60 of 2017, it is a crime to possess or sell, and to use scanning or skimming devices to obtain or store information encoded on the computer chip or magnetic strip of a credit or debit card and using a re-encoder to place information encoded on the computer or magnetic strip onto a different card without permission of the card’s user.

Nasdaq reports that the U.S. is responsible for 47 percent of the world's card fraud despite only accounting for 24 percent of total worldwide card volume and credit card fraud continues to rise here and nationwide. In 2014, roughly 31.8 million U.S. consumers had their credit card information stolen, which is more than three times the number of those affected in 2013.

This kind of fraud can be devastating to those consumers who fall victim to this crime. About 90 percent of card breach victims in 2014, who learned their information had been stolen, received replacement credit cards which cost issuers as much as $12.75 per card. Retailers also have incurred $580.5 million in debit card fraud losses and spend $6.47 billion annually on credit and debit card fraud prevention.

It is extremely important to be mindful of where you use your debit or credit card, whether it be at the grocery store, gas station, or even ATMs, as you could easily fall victim to these fraud schemes. As always, keep an eye on your bank account statements and immediately call your bank if you notice any purchasing changes occurring.

?Representative Rosemary M. Brown
189th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Abby Krueger
717.260.6617 /

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