Brown Announces ‘Mock Teen Bedroom’ Drug Prevention Simulation at East Stroudsburg District Office
EAST STROUDSBURG – Rep. Rosemary M. Brown (R-Monroe/Pike) is teaming up with Jamie Drake and Rob Mikulski of the Carbon/Monroe/Pike Drug and Alcohol Commission to create a “Mock Teen Bedroom” Drug Prevention Simulation at Brown’s district office in East Stroudsburg, beginning Monday, Jan. 8.

“As we continue to be faced with drug addiction in our society, I have joined with others in our community on a new initiative to help educate parents, grandparents and guardians on signs of drug use by our youth,” Brown said. “I invite these individuals, anyone over the age of 18, to stop by my district office to partake in this simulation to help increase their education about teen drug use and complete the educational scavenger hunt.”

Unfortunately, we all know a family who has been affected by drug use, Brown said. According to the U.S. Department of Human Services, the fastest growing drug problem among teens is prescription drugs.

The bedroom is set up like a typical teenager’s room, but there have been “stashes” of fake substances meant to represent illicit drugs, Brown explained. Parents, grandparents and guardians are invited to see if they can find all the stashes and signs of drug use. The simulation offers education on the warning signs that a teen might be abusing a substance and help strengthen a guardian’s awareness to a youth’s environment.

In 2016, an estimated 3.6 percent of adolescents ages 12-17 reported misusing opioids over the previous year. This percentage was estimated to be even higher, at 7.3 percent, among older adolescents and young adults ages 18-25. By the 12th grade, it was estimated that about one in every two adolescents has abused an illicit drug at least once.

“While marijuana remains the most commonly used drug, adolescents are finding it easier to abuse substances such as prescription medications, glues and aerosols, because they are readily available in the home,” Brown said. “I hope that many people will take 10 minutes to visit the room in my district office and make it a priority to increase their education on warning signs of drug use to be as proactive as possible in protecting their children.”

For more information about any state-related issue, contact Brown’s district office in East Stroudsburg located at 143 Seven Bridge Road, by calling 570-420-8301. Information can also be found on online at or

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