Brown Named to Property Tax Solution Committee

HARRISBURG – To help find solutions for skyrocketing school property taxes, Rep. Rosemary M. Brown (R-Monroe/Pike) has been named to be part of a select committee to investigate, review and make recommendations on sources of school district and local government tax revenue, with a focus on real property taxes.


“High property taxes here in our region are out of control, forcing many residents to sell their homes and businesses to scale back operations or move to another area, and is a contributing factor to our inability to attract job-creating businesses and industries,” Brown said. “In order to find a workable and reasonable solution to this property tax crisis, we must take a serious look at all levels of government funding and the relationship among these public entities.”


The select committee is the result of passage of House Resolution 774, which was part of the overall budget passed by the General Assembly


“Many of the proposals put forth over the years do not address the underlying causes of property tax increases, and this group is focused on a wholesale look at the reasons why taxes soar and what we can do to stem the tide of these increases and help identify possible relief opportunities,” Brown said.


The select committee will investigate, review and make recommendations regarding:


·         The level of all current sources of school district and local government tax revenue, with a focus on property taxes.

·         The relationship between the level of tax revenue and federal and state funding for these local taxing authorities.

·         Historical changes in the levels of tax revenue and federal and state funding, with a focus on the effects of these changes on public education and other local government functions and the impact of the Taxpayer Relief Act.

·         Connections between revenue issues, assessment and collection, revenue shortfalls, unfunded mandates, state budget cuts, infrastructure, pensions, tax reform, and other related issues.

·         Any potential budgetary, revenue and governance reforms necessary to address these matters.


Brown joins legislators from all four corners of the Commonwealth in serving on the committee and include members of the House Education, Finance, Urban Affairs, Local Government, Environmental Resources and Energy, and Transportation committees, each appointed by the respective majority and minority leaders, with one at-large member appointed by the majority leader, for a total of 13 members.


This committee is empowered to hold hearings, take testimony, call witnesses and investigate local taxes. The resolution directs the committee to report its findings and recommendations to the House by Nov. 30.


State Representative Rosemary Brown

189th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Jennifer Keaton


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