Brown Announces 2011-12 Legislative Committee Appointments

Rep. Rosemary Brown (R-Monroe/Pike) has been named as a member of the House Children and Youth Committee, the House Commerce Committee, the House Human Services Committee, and the House Tourism and Recreational Development Committee to begin the 2011-12 legislative session.  

“I look forward to serving on each of these legislative committees and exploring the issues and challenges,” Brown said.  “The tourism industry is very important to our local economy.  Concentrating on economic development and job creation will be a key focus of my committee work.” 

The House Commerce Committee is responsible for overseeing programs that affect Pennsylvania companies including corporate law, the Banking Code, the Savings Association Code, consumer discount, the Pawnbrokers License Act, the Mortgage Bankers and Brokers Act, the Pennsylvania Securities Act, and the Credit Union Law.  It also has jurisdiction over state economic and technical assistance programs, such as the Ben Franklin Partnership, the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority, the Pennsylvania Capital Loan Fund, and the Small Business Development Center Program. 

The House Tourism and Recreational Development Committee receives legislation governing travel and tourism promotion; travel marketing; heritage parks; the Historical and Museum Commission; historic cemeteries; cultural properties; amusement park safety and inspection; fairs, carnivals and folk festivals; winery promotion; film industry issues; sports memorabilia regulation; scenic roadways; as well as promotion of winter sports such as snowmobile- and trail-related initiatives and skiing.  

“My committee appointments range from tourism, commerce and business issues to the Commonwealth’s social services agenda, including important issues like foster care and drug and alcohol treatment,” said Brown.  “I look forward to increasing my knowledge on all the bills the House will be considering in committee, and on the House floor.” 

The House Children and Youth Committee oversees child day care programs; infant, child and mother health care issues; juvenile delinquency; foster care; family law issues from a non-legal and youth-oriented approach; adoption and termination of parental rights. 

The Human Services Committee will address mental health and drug and alcohol issues.  A new bureau in the Department of Public Welfare was recently elevated to cabinet level status. The Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs will come into existence on July 1.  Experts believe a greater focus on drug and alcohol treatment can reduce crime and bring healing to families struggling to get help. 

State Representative Rosemary Brown
189th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact: Todd Abele

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