Jun. 02, 2019

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The latest news from PA State Representative Rosemary Brown

District of Character
The “District of Character” is an initiative I created to enhance character development and promote daily reminders for residents of the 189th District about how we can create a stronger community without policy changes. No one is perfect, but we can always work to improve our character daily.
June word of the month is “Ethics.”

“The discipline dealing with what is good, bad and with moral duty and obligation; a set of moral principles; a theory or system of moral values.”

Explore Summer Fun Opportunities in PA

Pennsylvania has thousands of places to visit for summer fun, and the Happy Traveler Guide, now available for download here, is a great tool to help you plan!

Categorized by region, the guide includes more than 100 pages of attractions, lodging options, dining and many other recreational activities, stretching from Lake Erie to the City of Brotherly Love. The attractions are specially marked for these traveler categories: adventure, arts and culture, family, foodie, history buff, party animal and shopper.

This year’s guide celebrates our awesome amusement parks, eight of which are more than 100 years old with Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown being one of them!

Pennsylvania is also home to more roller coasters rated in the top 100 by Amusement Today than any other state.

Tourism is one of Pennsylvania’s largest industries, injecting $41 billion annually in the state’s economy and supporting nearly half a million jobs. Each year, Pennsylvania hosts nearly 200 million travelers from across the United States. An estimated $2.8 billion is spent each year by international visitors.

Judiciary Committee Tackles Bills to Protect Homeowners, Minors and Victims of Sexual Extortion

The House Judiciary Committee recently approved three bills to help protect Pennsylvanians from a variety of crimes.

Recognizing that some children are coerced into a childhood marriage, House Bill 360 would prohibit the issuance of a marriage license to anyone under the age of 18. The change in law would also better ensure a person choosing to be married is prepared to make this life-altering commitment.

Responding to the growing problem of illegal residential trespassers or “squatters” essentially taking over properties that don’t belong to them, House Bill 365 would give law enforcement officers better tools to remove such individuals from the property.

Finally, the committee approved House Bill 1402 to create the offense of sexual extortion, which occurs when a person uses coercion and misuses their power to demand sexual acts, images, or videos from victims. Establishing this specific offense better equips law enforcement officers to protect victims and prosecute offenders.

The bills now head to the full House for consideration.
Thank You Monroe and Pike County Area Agencies on Aging

During our 50th Anniversary Tea celebration, Robin LoDolce, executive director of Pike County Area Agency on Aging, and Brian Lavacca, executive director of Monroe County Area Agency on Aging, came to speak with the couples in attendance. They offered fantastic information on their work and the resources they provide. Truly valuable information for so many. Thank you both for your attendance and work!
Local Middle Smithfield Resident Becomes an Eagle Scout

Recently, my staffer, Mackenzie Strunk, had the pleasure of joining Hunterdon Watts as he received his Eagle Scout court of honor. For his service project, he organized and coordinated a restoration project at the Middle Smithfield Presbyterian Church. He and his volunteer crew straightened graves stones, cleared the grounds and painted the tool shed. He also compiled a list of the United States veterans buried on site and honored them with a handmade plaque engraved with their names.

Hunterdon was surrounded by his family, friends and his parents as he received this high honor. Everyone is so proud of his many achievements. I wish you the best of luck and continued success.
East Stroudsburg South’ 2nd Session of ‘Share Your Career Day’

Last week, I participated in the second session of our Share Your Career Day at East Stroudsburg South High School. Merle Turitz, Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), the East Stroudsburg School District and I jointly connect students and professionals of many industries to allow them to ask questions and truly understand a day in the life of that career. We are hoping this type of educational session exposes our students to information they may not otherwise receive. Thank you to all of our wonderful professionals who devoted their time to speak to these students, both still working or retired!

Welcome to Our Office Bella

I am very excited to announce that my district office has a new intern, Isabella Fisher! She is a sophomore majoring in Diplomacy and International Relations at Seton Hall University. She will be in our office one day a week throughout the summer! Welcome, Bella!
Just a reminder: If you are encountering an issue with state government, please feel free to contact my district office. We are here to help you with the following services:      
 - Driver’s license and vehicle registration applications and renewals. 
 - Assistance with PennDOT paperwork (lost cards, changes, corrections, special registration plates, vanity plates, and temporary placards for disabled persons).                         
 - PACE and PACENET applications for seniors.                         
 - State Motor Vehicle and Driver Licensing Work.
 - Voter registration forms and absentee ballot applications.                         
 - State tax forms.                         
 - Student aid applications.                         
 - Free state maps, state park information, and PA Vacation Guides.                         
 - Copies of legislation and tours of the State Capitol.                         
 - Referrals to agencies to resolve state-related matters. 
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