My House resolution declaring May Lyme Disease Awareness Month in Pennsylvania was recently adopted unanimously by the House. I will continue to advocate on behalf of Pennsylvanians who are affected by this disease and other tick-borne illnesses and fight for better policies that will aid our medical communities in early detection of this disease, support research for treatments, and educate our health practitioners.
Rep. Rosemary M. Brown (R-Monroe/Pike) leads a press conference on her hands-free cellphone legislation and is again calling for action to help stop distracted driving crashes related to phone use and fatalities throughout the Commonwealth.
Rep. Rosemary Brown (R-Monroe/Pike) hosted a press conference in the Capitol Media Center on Monday, Sept. 24, to discuss her hands-free driving legislation, House Bill 1684.
State Reps. Rosemary M. Brown (R-Monroe/Pike) and Marcia Hahn (R-Northampton) will host a public hearing on House Bill 2329, their legislation that would allow school districts to exclude up to 100 percent of a homeowner’s school property tax bill.
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